My Response, My secret of Victory

My Response, My secret of Victory

You may not have the power over the happenings around you, but you can decide your response to these happenings.

Your life may be characterize with mixed seasons of happiness, pain, frustrations and all forms of difficulties. You wonder when will all these come to an end?In the words of Jim Ron; “Life and business is like the changing seasons, you cannot change the seasons, but you can change you.”

It’s true that life may be tough around you, you may go through some severe moments of difficulties, but all those challenges are not intended to crush you, but to make you stronger, better and bring out the very best of you. Remember, until the grapes are crushed, no one gets to enjoy wine, your crushing process is for a purpose.

So instead of wishing that the situations were better, why not use them to build stamina to face the future? Your attitude to challenging moments is very crucial to what becomes of you and the opportunities that will follow.

Remember after every dry season is the raining season, and the nighttime precedes the daytime; “And God called the light day, and He called the darkness night. And the evening and the morning were day one.” (Genesis 1:5 KJV).

Don’t mind the darkness, because light is about to shine, the dark moments of life are bells that indicates the arrival of brighter days. The tough times are not the challenge here, the question is whether you are tough enough to go through the tough times.

In the words of Robert Schuler; “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Let the tough and difficult moments of your life become your international school of personal development. You may not have the power to stop them or change them, but remember you can face them with hope and enthusiasm and come out unhurt.

Don’t let the crushing moment, crush you, but crush them through the power of self-Transformation by the help of the Holy Spirit. Gods has fully equipped you with all you will ever need to go through the tough and trying moments of this life (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Convince yourself that: I will be tough, to the tough moments of my life,I will change me, so I will become a better me, no matter what I go through.

May the Lord wipe your tears away in Jesus name.

Peace be still.

— Dr. Benjamin Joshua


An experienced software engineer who loves to read and share his thoughts.

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