How Being Diverse in Tech Helped Me

How Being Diverse in Tech Helped Me

One thing that interests me most in the tech world is the ability to quickly gain knowledge and experience in more than one tech stack.
Having knowledge of more than one tech stack could be of great advantage as you will be able to fit into different teams.

I started off as a full-stack developer with expertise in both frontend and backend technologies.

Recently, I decided to focus on backend development alone. I made this decision after I had completed the #NextJs course (NextJs is a react-based frontend development framework).
Little did I know that I would soon find myself working in a front-end team. Well, it happened! 😃.

My organization started a project a few days ago, and unfortunately for me, Java was chosen as the backend language. I am not conversant with Java and would not want to begin to learn Java now.

There was every need for me to be part of the project. Thanks to the full-stack experience, I easily joined up the frontend team, and guess what? we are using NextJs for the front end!

It has been an awesome experience so far working with the frontend team and also interacting with the backend team chipping in a few things 😀.

I appreciate the years I spent learning full-stack development. It’s a good idea to be diverse.



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