THE PROCESS – Mathematics

THE PROCESS – Mathematics

Mathematics was one of my best subjects in school. I loved the fact that I get to put my logic and reasoning into use as I try to solve problems and find solutions, especially finding the legendary “x“.

In Mathematics, the final answer is not what determines if you got the question correctly or not.

Mathematics questions are marked step by step. Each step matters and there is a certain mark allocated to each step.

So, it is possible to get the final answer wrong but still score a high mark. Also, getting the final answer right and still scoring low marks is possible if you didn’t follow the right steps to solve the question.

Life is largely mathematical in nature. There are steps to life. These steps are called processes. You pass through processes in life in order to achieve a goal or get to an end.

I don’t believe in the fact that the end justifies the means!
I don’t like to just focus on the end result alone.

The process matters a lot to me and I don’t overlook it.

Experience can only be obtained by following processes. Men who are made are men who go through one or two processes.

Wealthy men and men of substance are those who take time to go through business processes and other processes which help them generate wealth.

Those who get Wealthy through scams, yahoo-yahoo, stealing, and other illegal ways usually boycott the process.

That is why they don’t last. Their glory is but momentarily.

This concept of “process” and “result” applies to all areas of life: learning, business, work, marriage, relationships, etc.

Life is a process and it is bound by time, and taken step by step.

No need to rush it. No need to overlook the process.

Subject yourself to the process and gain experience from it.

One step at a time, keep moving until you get to the finish line!

Behind me is a portrait of a semi-unclad damsel. Should you decide to take a second look out of curiosity and you find it offensive, I take no responsibility. Learn to tame your eyes. 😊

I am hopeful that you got value from today’s musing!

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